What we are doing

Our motto, “Helping Others Grow” sums up a spectrum of activities that we are involved with worldwide. These cover areas such as education and training, social/charitable projects, Christian teaching, counseling and coaching, youth-work and aid projects. Particularly in our international work, our fundamental competence or skill is “Capacity Development”. By this we mean the ability to support people on a broad and sustained basis (covering all areas of life and in an on-going way). It involves enabling and equipping individual people, organizations, groups and self-managed community projects.

As an international development organization we aim particularly to equip the younger generation as they are inspired and empowered by Jesus. We help them:

– To develop a positive vision and take personal responsibility for their lives.
– To develop a new, better lifestyle and quality of life.
– To develop social, spiritual and personal skills and a sense of personal responsibility for society.

By doing this, even disadvantaged people can develop a well-balanced, full and successful life. Our workers come from more than 25 nations. Most of them are unpaid volunteers, who are using their experience and various abilities for the good of various groups of people. All our workers benefit from the combined experience of the nehemiah team.