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Establishing Schools, Pakistan


25 Apr , 2019  

With the support of the German nehemia team, Muazzam John, along with the Nehemiah Trust Pakistan, wants to build more new schools in Pakistan. His aim is to reduce the rate of educationally deprived and illiterate people in Pakistan, thereby contributing to the stability of the country.

But it will take time to push back poverty and terrorism in this country. 

Educating and empowering children to think critically and to entertain complex thought processes is one of the most important factors for the stability and development of a country such as Pakistan, which continues to be shaken by extremism, terrorism and corruption. This approach lays the foundation for well-educated workers, thereby promoting prosperity and national satisfaction. However, a better level of education also enables differentiated opinion-forming and raises public awareness of the challenges society faces. Consequently, education also plays a key role in the prevention of extremism. Children who grow up in slums, do not attend school and experience violence and marginalization are vulnerable to radical and extremist beliefs, whether of political or religious nature. But when given the chance to overcome poverty, young people develop a hope-driven view of the future. This will protect them from taking alluring steps in extremist directions and from putting their trust in seductive leaders.

For some time now, the Pakistani nehemia team has been helping and supporting the poorest of the poor in various regions of the country. From the very beginning, efforts were made to provide help according to the self-help approach, empowering people to effectively overcome obstacles themselves, instead of solely relying on others for spontaneous relief efforts. In order to escape poverty, people must be enabled to take control of their own lives and provide for themselves. Here too, education is proving to be essential. In recent years, for example, establishing and constructing schools has become a key focus in the work of the Pakistani nehemia team. 

So far, three schools have been established, all of which offer free education for orphans, the poor and the underprivileged in the respective neighborhood. Especially girls benefit from these offers. Schools established:

Hope Grammar School (Site Town): 138 girls and 94 boys

Saint Philip‘s Public High School (Tando Jam Town): 130 girls and 107 boys

Mehran Public School (Mehran Town): 88 girls and 44 boys