Children’s Centre, India

Children with a Future – The Nehemiah Children’s Centre

24 Feb , 2015  

The Nehemiah Ministry Welfare’s Children’s Centre is a place of hope run by the Indian Nehemiah Team in Rajahmundry. Rajasekhar and Ebba Gudala head up this work, providing food, shelter, clothes, education and medical care for mainly Dalit children. More…

Germany, Resource Centre

Resource Centre – sharing what we have with others

24 Feb , 2015  

For many years the Nehemia Team in Fürth has acted as a resource centre for a variety of projects around the world, including ongoing aid projects as well as one-off help in crisis situations. More…

Germany, GoKick & GoTeens

GoKick & GoTeens

14 Feb , 2015  

Way back in 2008 we started a multicultural children’s program in Gostenhof, a suburb of Nürnberg. It had an emphasis on learning-by-doing and was called “GoKick” (Gostenhofer Kinder Club) More…

Kenya, Miwani Center

The Miwani Centre

6 Dec , 2014  

Extreme poverty, lack of educational opportunities for the young, migration to the cities, corruption, terrorism, AIDS and malaria – reports from Africa seem to remain the same year after year. More…

Borneo, Montessori Kindergarten

Montessori Kindergartens in Kalimantan

6 Dec , 2014  

The Nehemia Team is supporting the development of kindergartens in cooperation with local churches, by training teachers and supplying educational resources and toys. West Kalimantan (part of Borneo) is one of the least literate provinces of Indonesia. More…


The Dayaks of Borneo

6 Dec , 2014  

Borneo, the third largest island in the world, is located on the equator in South East Asia. The province of West Kalimantan is part of Indonesia, and has one of the lowest literacy rates in that nation. More…

nehemia international network

The Nehemiah International Network

6 Mar , 2014  

After many projects in overseas countries had been undertaken, from the 1990s onwards local, national Nehemiah Teams were formed. In 2008 these were linked together in an international network. The purpose of this network is mutual support, co-operative action, counsel (especially in understanding cross-cultural perspectives) and teamwork. More…

nehemia international network

„Gateway to Life 2011“ in Uzhgorod – A Unique Experience!

24 Feb , 2012  

Nearly 100 “Nehemiahs“ from over ten different countries came together in the Ukraine for two weeks in August – most of the participants under the age of 30. It was the first gathering of its kind, a group of “Young Nehemiahs,” who came together at the invitation of the nehemiah international network. More…