Menschenhandel Thailand

Girls Care Project, Thailand


23 May , 2019  

“I’m Mueay; I was born a poor village girl and grew up in a broken, dysfunctional family. But I won’t complain.

I grew up in Bangkok, but when I became a teenager, I had to go back to Phayao, my mother’s town. There I was given the chance to go to the Home of Blessing. For the first time I came in contact with Christians, who told me about their experiences and faith in Jesus. In the Home of Blessing I also had opportunity to learn English and my self-confidence developed significantly.

Though I disliked English when I was in Bangkok, I now developed a genuine love of the language. We were able to choose three core subjects when we came to the 12th Grade. Two of the three that I chose had to do with English. When I finished school, I definitely wanted to study further, but my family had no money to pay for it. I was certain that God would help me! Sometimes I would cry at night because my desire to study was so strong. And – what should I say – in the end I was able to go to University and study Tourism for four years. The first year at the Uni was very difficult for me because of lack of finance. My mother and my brother worked very hard to support me and I also looked for part-time work as a student.  

I had learned at the Home of Blessing to trust God, no matter what the circumstances were. So, during my study I met my father’s sister and stayed with her during the holidays. She repeatedly questioned my faith, as the rest of my family did, and insisted that I follow our family traditions. I tried to convince her by the changes in my life and rather than argue, I studied and worked very hard during this time.  

During the first year a professor told us about a student-exchange program with Budapest. I applied each year, but was unsuccessful. From the second to the fourth year I had to care for my younger sisters and nephew, as well as work long hours. My prayer in the fourth year was, “Jesus, you know that I will never give up and I believe that you have a good plan for my life. I’m going to apply once more in this last year for the exchange program, but no matter what happens, I will be grateful and not forget the wonderful opportunity I have had with this course of study.” On the next day my friend called and shared that I had passed the test and had been accepted for the exchange program. Can you imagine how much I wept with joy?

After the student exchange in Budapest and my graduation from the university, I received an opportunity, through a friend from the Philippines whom I met doing work-experience in Chiang Rai, to work in Dubai from 2015-2018. I’ve been living in Oman since the middle of this year, working in the five-star Hotel Kempinski in Muscat.”