Carri Mac Farlane visited the Indian nehemia team’s childcare center last October and returned with good news: It’s finally time! The school we have long waited for, is finally being built!

For thirteen years, Raja and Ebba have dreamt of building a primary school adding it on to the nehemia childcare center. A few donors have provided the necessary funds to start the project. The building shell is up and finished! Currently they are working on getting all the necessary documents and licenses to open the school.

The school is mainly focusing on Dalit children. The Dalits (untouchables) are the ancestors of Indian natives and are at the very bottom of the Indian cast system (see extra article on this website). As only few Dalit children receive adequate education, illiteracy and child labor are very common among the Dalits. It is for these reasons, we are so glad, that together with Raja and Ebba, we can help contribute to a brighter future for these children.