Pakistan Entwicklungszusammenarbeit

Establishing Schools, Pakistan


15 May , 2019  

Born into a Christian family, Muazzam John soon experienced what it means to belong to a minority.

As the forth of nine children, he grew up in one of the Christian ghettos in Karachi, Pakistan. Shortly before John graduated from high school, his father died. His long-held dream of attending an English course as well as a computer class seemed to have become close to impossible. After all, he now held increased responsibility to provide for the family. Due to his father‘s death there now was no money to pay the course fees.

Completely unexpectedly, someone from the neighborhood paid these fees for him. „This education changed my whole life,“ Muazzam explains. „After taking these classes, I was able to earn enough money for my family and could now also communicate with the world.

To this very day I marvel at how a stranger with the mere support of $60 changed my life forever.

Ever since, my desire to change the course of children`s lives through education has grown, so that, like me, they will be able to change many more lives. It is my vision to start five schools with a total of 1500 students. I want many of them to start schools in the future and thus change their personal environment and their country.”

Today Muazzam John is married to Shumaila, with whom he has three beautiful children. He is the head of “Nehemiah Trust Pakistan”, which is a part of the “Nehemiah International Network”. Within the past six years he has been able to found three schools.