What moves us

In the end, isn’t it about God being able to move me?

6 Mar , 2016  

We often ask God that we might receive things: We pray for provision, healing, spiritual gifts, a free parking place, friends, fulfilment and so on. Or we seek to pray like spiritual warriors, to “move the hand of God” for revival, or that the Lord might do great things in our nation. More…

What moves us

Risk Following Your Heart!

24 Feb , 2016  

We really enjoyed living in our little detached house on the outskirts of Nuremberg, but we also sensed that it was time for some major changes. “Don’t be too settled, but always be ready to set out on a new path.” This sentence from a prayer calendar kept me thinking and praying. More…

What moves us

Love opens eyes

24 Jul , 2015  


Conflicts and crises seem to be escalating across the globe. Maybe some of you feel as I do: I feel helpless, like a small, insignificant little wheel in the machinery of time, hardly the kind of part that could make a difference. Resignation takes hold, or perhaps a growing sense of apathy towards the needs of this world. More…