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The nehemia team, 30 years strong – or: Why Jesus needs your fish

12 Jan , 2018  

nehemia 30 Jahre

It really is true: the nehemia team has been around for 30 years now. If you’ve been sharing our journey from early on and still can’t believe that number, just take a look in the mirror!


Refugee Work, What moves us

Five things I was taught by refugees

13 Dec , 2017  


My husband and I have been working with a Contact Café by the nehemia team for 2,5 years now.


What moves us

All Actual Life is Encounter

15 Dec , 2016  

or: why interacting with others brings us joy

A few months ago, over an invitation to lunch, a friend asked me: “Hans, what have you found truly fulfilling recently; what has made you happy?” After thinking it over for a moment, several things came to mind – all of them situations involving various kinds of encounters. More…

What moves us

Don’t Build a Wall Around your Heart

24 May , 2016  

Refugees in Germany – it’s a topic that seems to be everywhere these days, at least in the media. As I follow the current news coverage, my feelings run the range between helplessness, horror and hope. More…

What moves us

Living Jesus-like in this world

6 Mar , 2016  

That was the recurrent theme of the nehemiah international network leaders’ gathering. From November 10-18, leaders from the various nehemiah Teams came together at the Home of Blessing in Thailand. More…