Montessori Kindergarten, Ukraine

Montessori Kindergartens

24 Feb , 2015  

Under the expert training and guidance of Carri MacFarlane, a kindergarten has been established in the Nehemiah Training Centre, operating based on the methods of Maria Montessori. More…

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Montessori in a Nutshell

18 Jan , 2019  


In a number of kindergartens and preschools which have been developed or supported by the Nehemiah Network in several different countries, the principles and methods of Montessori-Education have been used successfully for several years now. Wolfgang Oelschlegel, an educator and leader of the Nehemiah Team Borneo, briefly summarises what Montessori is all about.


Montessori Kindergarten, Ukraine

An inclusive elementary school is being developed

21 Nov , 2017  

Ukraine nehemia

Uzhgorod/Ukraine: The nehemia team is supporting the project of the Ukrainian nehemia team to start an elementary school in Uzhgorod in 2018 which is based upon Montessori pedagogy. More…

Montessori Kindergarten, Ukraine

Montessori-Kindergarten overfilled

15 Dec , 2016  

In the meantime, there are two age groups, as well as children with special needs, who are being integrated, and expansion of the program is being seriously considered. More…