Helpcenter, Russia

V.I.P. Project in Siberia

24 Feb , 2015  

Old women, young mothers with babies, men and women who were drug addicts, and a couple of older, handicapped men – in total over 40 people live crammed together in a former kindergarten in a Siberian rural village near Prokopyevsk. More…

Helpcenter, Russia


10 Jan , 2019  

nehemia team Fürth

For several years the nehemia team has supported a unique project near Prokopjewsk in Siberia. Three years ago it enabled the purchase of an empty factory and office building that has been gradually developed since then.


Helpcenter, Russia

Help Center thriving 

14 Mar , 2018  

Russland ngo

After two years the progress and development made in the Help Center project is impossible to miss. When Klaus Buchner and Dr. Sabine Auerochs visited this was very clear to them.



Helpcenter, Russia

Helpcenter Moves Into A New Home

24 Feb , 2016  

A very special project began in a small village near Prokopyevsk in 2011. It began in order to support single mothers who had no place to live. Two babies came into the world in that same year. The organization “Helpcenter” was officially registered in July 2014. More…