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4 Apr , 2019  

Unesco Weltbildung

Worldwide, 264 million children and youths between the ages of 6-17 years have no access to education.  Even for those children who go to school, completion rates remain low:


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21 Mar , 2019  

Indien Micro Business

In August 2018 a new project began in Rajahmundry: a sewing center for widows. Here up to eight widows have the opportunity to learn how to work with fabrics and sewing machines.


Allgemein, Borneo, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Germany, India, Kenya, Pakistan, Russia, Thailand, Ukraine

Education – a human right

25 Feb , 2019  

human rights

“Everyone has the right to education.


Allgemein, Borneo, Germany, India, Montessori Kindergarten, Montessori Kindergarten, Ukraine

Montessori in a Nutshell

18 Jan , 2019  


In a number of kindergartens and preschools which have been developed or supported by the Nehemiah Network in several different countries, the principles and methods of Montessori-Education have been used successfully for several years now. Wolfgang Oelschlegel, an educator and leader of the Nehemiah Team Borneo, briefly summarises what Montessori is all about.


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School opened

4 Jan , 2019  

nehemia team indien

´Good things come to those who wait.´ This saying has proven true in one of Rajahmundry`s suburbs. “Back in 2003 nehemia team India dreamed of opening a school”, explains Carry MacFarlane, who visited the team leaders Raja and Ebba Sekhar last September. “In June 2018 the long awaited moment finally arrived; after 15 years the dream came true.”


India, Schoolproject

School project ready to launch

15 Dec , 2016  

Carri Mac Farlane visited the Indian nehemia team’s childcare center last October and returned with good news: It’s finally time! The school we have long waited for, is finally being built! More…


Dalits – The Untouchables of Indian Society

24 Feb , 2015  

The Dalits (untouchables) are on the lowest rung of the Indian caste system. They are descendants of the aboriginal inhabitants of India. The name Dalit comes from a Sanskrit word “dal”, meaning ‘broken, torn, downtrodden, outcast, trampled, destroyed and openly despised’. More…

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Seminars in the State of Andhra Pradesh

24 Feb , 2015  

Through the work of the Indian Nehemiah Team, which has been a major source of impetus, a broad network of Christian church leaders has been forming in Andhra Pradesh. To foster the development of these leaders and their churches, the Nehemiah Team has repeatedly sent international speakers to teach on various subjects. More…