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4 Jan , 2019  

nehemia team ukraine

Our team in Ukraine is hosting camps for children and adolescents in our nehemia center in Uzhgorod again in summer (June to August).


Germany, Get Involved, Refugee Work

International holiday program – who’s in?

5 Nov , 2017  

The nehemiah team is planning an international holiday program for children in Nuremberg. More…

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Opportunities in 2017 for “Hands-on” practical people, locally and overseas

24 Feb , 2016  

Since 2013, the Nehemia Team has been offering people with practical skills a chance to use their gifts to help others. More…

Germany, Get Involved

Are you a Pioneer?

24 Feb , 2016  

We are looking for people with a pioneering heart. Does a particular issue or need move you, either here in our own country or elsewhere in the world? More…

Get Involved, Kids Camps, Ukraine

Outreach Opportunities in the Children’s Camps in Uzhgorod/Ukraine 2017

24 Feb , 2016  

Summertime is, once again, camping time for children and youth at our Nehemia Centre in Uzhgorod in Ukraine. This year, many refugee children will be taking part. More…

Germany, Get Involved, Refugee Work

Working in our Café

24 Feb , 2016  

We’re on the lookout for more workers for our outreach to refugee and asylum seekers in Nürnberg.  The café program is every Thursday in Nürnberg am Hasenbuck. More…

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Helping with Publicity Projects

24 Feb , 2016  

Given the wide range of regional and international projects the Nehemia Team supports, we could use some help generating publicity and promotion. More…

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Opportunitiy to work with GoKick & GoTeens

24 Feb , 2016  

The Nehemia Team in the city of Nürnberg is currently looking for volunteers to help with their children’s and youth programs in the suburb of Gostenhof.  More…