Germany, GoKick & GoTeens

GoKick & GoTeens

14 Feb , 2015  

Way back in 2008 we started a multicultural children’s program in Gostenhof, a suburb of Nürnberg. It had an emphasis on learning-by-doing and was called “GoKick” (Gostenhofer Kinder Club) More…

Germany, GoKick & GoTeens

Ten years of GoKick in Gostenhof

12 Nov , 2018  

nehemia team Fürth

In 2008, the Gostenhof children’s club “GoKick” started on a playground in the Gostenhof district of Nuremberg with a children’s olympics performed by the nehemia Fire Kids.


Allgemein, Germany, GoKick & GoTeens

Event Day with ‘GoKick’ 

6 Feb , 2018  


As part of their studies four prospective social workers were able to set up an event day with ‘GoKick’.


Germany, GoKick & GoTeens

Nehemiah´s GoTeens in Gostenhof

15 Dec , 2016  

Each Monday evening, for the last four years the Every Nation Café in Gostenhof has been filled with life, laughter and delicious food. All caused by the young people who come to GoTeens, an open meeting for teenagers, who stream in, full of excitement, from the local neighborhood. More…

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Opportunitiy to work with GoKick & GoTeens

24 Feb , 2016  

The Nehemia Team in the city of Nürnberg is currently looking for volunteers to help with their children’s and youth programs in the suburb of Gostenhof.  More…