Borneo, School of Hearts

Training Programs in Kalimantan

6 Mar , 2015  

Since 2004 we have been running “Schools of the Heart” in Kalimantan. These schools deal with various life-relevant topics and usually last for several days. More…

Borneo, Community Development

The Nehemia Pepper Project

6 Mar , 2015  

Pepper (normally of quite high quality) is a traditional crop of Borneo. The local small farmers receive a fair price from the Nehemia Team – significantly more than if they sell to local middlemen. More…

Borneo, Montessori Kindergarten

Montessori Kindergartens in Kalimantan

6 Dec , 2014  

The Nehemia Team is supporting the development of kindergartens in cooperation with local churches, by training teachers and supplying educational resources and toys. West Kalimantan (part of Borneo) is one of the least literate provinces of Indonesia. More…


The Dayaks of Borneo

6 Dec , 2014  

Borneo, the third largest island in the world, is located on the equator in South East Asia. The province of West Kalimantan is part of Indonesia, and has one of the lowest literacy rates in that nation. More…