Borneo, Community Development

The Nehemia Pepper Project

6 Mar , 2015  

Pepper (normally of quite high quality) is a traditional crop of Borneo. The local small farmers receive a fair price from the Nehemia Team – significantly more than if they sell to local middlemen. More…

Borneo, Community Development, Montessori Kindergarten

MONTESSORI IN MELINGKAT – an interview with Ibu Luisa

4 Jan , 2019  

From the deforestation of the rainforest, the protection of species, the poverty of the population to natural disasters and corruption – Borneo is struggling with a long list of problems that can only be tackled bit by bit in international cooperation. There are many individual puzzle pieces that have to come together here. What part the nehemia team plays is told by employee Ibu Luisa, who heads the Montessori kindergarten in Melingkat.


Borneo, Community Development, Germany, Montessori Kindergarten

Rumble Through The Jungle

5 Nov , 2018  

In September, a team with Hans Heidelberger, Florentina Kuhs, Peter Friedrich, Jonathan Ziegler and Niels Brande (Denmark) set up to visit the Montessori kindergartens of the nehemia team



Borneo, Community Development, Germany

Dayaks in Fürth’s Town Hall

15 Nov , 2017  

nehemia borneo

A delegation of “Dayaks” (indigenous people from Borneo) was welcomed by Mayor Dr. Thomas Jung in the Fürth Town Hall. More…