Rather than start yet another project in Brazil’s urban slums, what if we developed rural areas by partnering with former rural dwellers, giving young people perspective in their region and revived lost dreams?
My name is Julia Hildmann,  I am 28 years old and I love ideas, strategies, and opportunities that have not yet been pursued. I always ask myself “how can I use my potential to move as much as possible in this world?” In my new job with the PRECE education movement in Brazil, I have found a job that keeps me moving by combining my love for Brazil’s hinterland and my organizational development skills. PRECE inspires me because the movement pursues my own dream: giving young people, excluded from society, a chance to develop their potential and realize their dreams!

PRECE has been doing this for 24 years in a simple yet systematic way. The movement started with 7 young people from the Sertão arid area, without employment, educational qualifications, or life-aspirations. Inspired by Professor Manoel Andrade, who also comes from a poor village, these 7 young people met in an old mill to set goals together and teach each other. A wave of hope and faith challenged the impossible and sparked many young people to join together in cooperative small groups to bring their dreams closer. Today, PRECE is a movement of thousands of youngsters in the Sertão who, based on the value of solidarity, learn in cooperative cell groups, pursue their dreams and actively take their future and those of their region into their own hands.

What will my job within the movement be? So far, PRECE has founded 13 cooperative schools based on the cooperative learning method. A public model school that is part of the global network of Ashoka Changemaker Schools, and in collaboration with the Brazilian Ministry of Education. More than 100 teachers reformed numerous precarious public schools. Based on these achievements, we now want to establish a division within PRECE for the multiplication of methods of cooperative learning. As an organizational developer, I will support PRECE in developing new strategies and help build the organizational structures needed to see more young people realize more dreams – both in Brazil and around the world!

Develop potentials! This vision brings me and the nehemia team together! When I told the nehemia team about my dream last October, they just said: You want to invest in the potentials and dreams of others, then let us invest in your potentials and dreams! So as an individual, I am now a new nehemia project. Through Mathias Hühnerbein’s coaching, access to a German donation accounting system,  friendship and community I have found my sense of belonging!

Updates are available at: https://www.facebook.com/CrowdfundingCelulasCooperativas/