Establishing Schools, Pakistan

Success! – Funding has been approved

23 Jun , 2016  


In fall 2015 nehemia team applied for funds at the German „Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development” (bmz). The funding shall support nehemia team Pakistan, who is going to open another school in Karachi.

nehemia international network

Nehemiah International Network Gathering 2016

23 Jun , 2016  

Team 16 41

For over a week almost 40 co-workers of the various teams of International Nehemiah Network met in Thailand. People from 14 different nations – a colorful mix of language and culture. Interaction of the (very) different cultures was one of the central themes. During an interactive “workshop on cultures” lasting several days many experienced their “light bulb moments”.


Where the Rain Forest Dies….

23 Jun , 2016  


A small team visited the heartland of Borneo in April 2016: Hans Heidelberger with Thomas Tschaftary, Katrin Albang and Claudia Schweyer, accompanied by Wolfgang and Heidi Oelschlegel, who are leading a school boarding house in Sanggau since several years.

What moves us

Don’t Build a Wall Around your Heart

24 May , 2016  


Refugees in Germany – it’s a topic that seems to be everywhere these days, at least in the media. As I follow the current news coverage, my feelings run the range between helplessness, horror and hope.


The Oelschlegels take over the leadership of a home for school children

6 Mar , 2016  

Oelschlegel 10 02

The German Nehemia co-workers Wolfgang and Heidi Oelschlegel took on leadership positions at the “New Hope” children’s home in Sanggau in the summer of 2015.

What moves us

Living Jesus-like in this world

6 Mar , 2016  


That was the recurrent theme of the nehemiah international network leaders’ gathering. From November 10-18, leaders from the various nehemiah Teams came together at the Home of Blessing in Thailand.

Germany, Refugee Work

Refugees Express Their Gratefulness to the Municipality of Nuremberg

6 Mar , 2016  

Rathaus Flüchtlingsbesuch

On December 4, 2015, a group of refugees accompanied by staff of the nehemiah Contact Café visited the mayor’s office in Nuremberg. They expressed their gratefulness for the way that they were received upon arrival and also informed about their current situation.

Germany, Joint Venture, Refugee Work

Refugees Visit Nehemiah JointVenture

6 Mar , 2016  


The nehemiah JointVenture event in the “Kofferfabrik”, a contemporary restaurant in Fuerth, last November hosted a visit of a group of refugees from the nehemiah “Contact Café”.

Kenya, Miwani Center

Special Request for Our Kenya Project

6 Mar , 2016  


Last May, Michael Dorsch and I returned from a visit to our farm project in Kenya – the Miwani Center outside Kisumu on the shores of Lake Victoria. We spent one full week together with the local leadership team and our American partners, brainstorming and strategizing how to best support this project that empowers African children and young adults for their future.

Get Involved, Kenya, Miwani Center

Work and Travel – Kenya 2016

6 Mar , 2016  

Kenia Praktiker

In August 2016, Michael Dorsch and Hans Heidelberger will travel to Kenya for two weeks together with a small team to support the work at the Miwani Center in various practical ways.

What moves us

In the end, isn’t it about God being able to move me?

6 Mar , 2016  


We often ask God that we might receive things: We pray for provision, healing, spiritual gifts, a free parking place, friends, fulfilment and so on. Or we seek to pray like spiritual warriors, to “move the hand of God” for revival, or that the Lord might do great things in our nation.

What moves us

Risk Following Your Heart!

24 Feb , 2016  

Haus Innen (2)

We really enjoyed living in our little detached house on the outskirts of Nuremberg, but we also sensed that it was time for some major changes. “Don’t be too settled, but always be ready to set out on a new path.” This sentence from a prayer calendar kept me thinking and praying.